100% Organic Latex

Natural Latex quilted in a healthy and luxurious Organic Cotton Fabric with SilverCare protection. Naturepedic™ is designed to provide a higher quality of life though the perfect natural sleep environment, night after night!


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Mattresses & Bedsets​​

luxury hand crafted mattresses and bedsets

Pillows & Accessories​​

supporting latex pillows and other accessories


Latex Benefits

rejuvenating sleep for a longer healthier life

About NaturePedic™

With over 20 years of manufacturing experience and scientific research, Naturepedic™ is a healthy balance between science, nature and sensible ergonomics. A natural choice for a healthy, comfortable and rejuvenating sleep

100% Natural Latex

Cashmere Fabric

Natural Bamboo

Organic Wool

Organic Cotton


Naturepedic™ is a division of BedCore manufacturing